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i cant feel my legs
is it because i have walked so much today
because i’m really high

just had to race down to dunston to kick my nanas door in so the paramedics could get to her as she fell over at 9am and only managed to get to the phone at 12

I get at least one add a day on snapchat of some random person asking to see my dick because they’ve heard a rumour its big

So what ever girl i pleasured last year and is still praising me


I never get invited anywhere during the week like
Im sure ive been forgotten about and people just think im online and thats it

Just because i give you a compliment doesn’t mean i want your mouth around my dick
one more month and i’ll have my own house.

also if scroll down facebook right now there is 6 status one after another about meow chat
NO ONE GIVES A SHIT if you got invited or not
half the people complaining about it haven’t even checked the app out
its actually decent so shut ya shit

East European girls are just the best thing ever 

Dr. Dre’s Letter to His GF Is the Best Thing You Will Read Today 

Dr. Dre’s Letter to His GF Is the Best Thing You Will Read Today 

i really want to get married and have a kid.